*Articles by Thos. W. Casey*



Adolphustown Ramblings

Kingston Daily Whig Aug 24th 1896


Bath Past and Present

Daily British Whig Sept 14 1896


Some Nonogenarians

Daily British Whig Sept 29 1896


The Great Drowning

Napanee Beaver April 30th 1897


Five Venerable Veterans - McKim

Daily British Whig Nov 1 1897


The Napanee Flour Mills

Daily British Whig Mar 31 1898


The McDowall Memorial Cemetery

Napanee Beaver May 28 1898


A Pioneer Canadian Missionary

The Globe June 18 1898


Old Time Town Meetings

Napanee Beaver Oct 28, 1898


The Township Pioneers

Kingston Whig July 1 1899


The Early Lutherans

Their First Churches & Members

Napanee Beaver July 14 1899


In Old Time Graveyards

Toronto Weekly Aug 9 1899


Times & Incidents Sixty Years Ago

From the Napanee Beaver Dec 1 1899


Some Patriotic and Plucky Pioneers

Napanee Beaver Dec 29 1899


The Early Quakers

Napanee Beaver Jan 27 1900


Some Old Bell Family Documents

Napanee Beaver Feb 23 1900


More Early District Court Records

Napanee Beaver July 20 1900


The Adolphustown UEL Burying Ground

Napanee Beaver Aug 24 1900


The Midland District Sixty-One Years Ago

Napanee Beaver Sept 7 1900


Early Marriages and Marriage Laws

Napanee Beaver 1900


Sergt. Timothy Thompson, M.P.P. An Early Representative of this County

Napanee Beaver Mar 22 1901


An Old Lennox Boy’s Reminiscences

Napanee Beaver May 3 1901


The Early Ruttan Families

Napanee Beaver June 28 1901


An Old Adolphustown Burying Ground

Napanee Beaver Aug 16 1901


More Old Adolphustown Pioneers

Napanee Beaver Aug 30 1901


Col James Rogers of Fredericksburgh and Descendants

Napanee Beaver Sept 27 1901


The Emburys and Early Methodism – Some Members of the  Canadian Family

Napanee Beaver Oct 11 & 18 1901


More Early Quarter Sessions Reports

Napanee Beaver Nov 1 1901


First Canadian Methodist Church

Olden Time Punishments

Napanee Beaver  Nov 8 1901


More Ernesttown Reminiscences

Napanee Beaver Jan 17 1902


Early Slavery in the Midland District

Napanee Beaver  Feb 14 & 21 1902


Early Bay of Quinte Steamboating

Napanee Beaver  Apr 25 1902


The Dulmages & Other UEL Families

Napanee Beaver May 2 1902



*Our Grand Old Men*


Articles from the Napanee Beaver 1896-97


Reuben Hawley

George Cliff, Sr.

John O. Sexsmith, J.P.

John McKim, Esq.

Milo Parks, Esq.

John Gibbard, J.P.

Parker Allen, Esq.

Dr. Allen Ruttan

The Doller Family

William Joyce

William Whelan


Special thanks to Linda Corupe

for transcribing “Our Grand Old Men”





The Old Hay Bay Church


Knox Church, Demorestville

One Hundred Years of History

From “The Picton Times”  Nov. 10 1932


St. Mary Magdalene Church, Napanee

From “The Ontario Churchman”

Kingston, Ont., July, 1906


Methodist Centennial

From “The Daily British Whig”

Kingston, Ont., Feb 8, 1893



1919 Bell Telephone Directory

Adolphustown - Napanee and Area


1954 Area Phone Book

Dorland - Bath - Napanee


First Telephones in Napanee

From the Napanee Beaver Feb 2 1961


Biographical Sketches

Pioneer Life Among the Loyalists

in Upper Canada

W. S. Herrington 1915

*Vernon’s Directory*




North Fredericksburgh

South Fredericksburgh

1878 Patrons Directory

L &  A County - Meacham’s 1878 Atlas

The Amey Brothers of Ernesttown

Compiled by H. C. Burleigh 1976

Notes on the Amey & Brown Families

Birthday Book

of Mrs. Minnie Watson,

Adolphustown  1873

Napanee Newspapers

Napanee Beaver Nov 26 1970

Recollections of My Childhood

Poem of Childhood in Morven (Ernestown Township)

Scrapbook Clipping by G.H. Ruttan


*Various Newspaper Articles*








A Clergyman’s Death

Rev. Robert Harding

 The Napanee Express, Sept 9 1892

Midland Agricultural Society

Counties of Lenox & Addington 1835

1898 UEL Celebration at Adolphustown

From the Daily British Whig June 24 1898

Teachers in L & A and Hastings 1966

Joseph Allen’s Rebellion Loss Claims

From the Napanee Beaver 1902

CNN Visits Adolphustown

July 5, 2014

The Murder of Maggie Howie

Napanee 1882

The Centennial / 15th Battalion


 “Daily Intelligencer”, Belleville, June 17 1884


From “The Globe” 1893

Sir John A Macdonald

In Adolphustown

First MPP for Lennox, Hazelton Spencer

From the Napanee Beaver Mar 8 1901

Hawley vs Ham

Kingston Chronicle, Sept 15, 1826

Early Days in Ernestown

Alice E. Hogeboom

Reveries of Camp LeNid

W. S. Herrington 1908

Steamers on the Water

Various Articles

The Torch

Napanee Collegiate Institute


List of Magistrates in the Midland District

April 5 1842 - Kingston Chronicle & Gazette

Hastings County in 1837

"Upper Canada Herald" May 9 1837

Schedule of Summary Convictions

"Daily British Whig" Jan 21 1865

Village of Bath on the Boom

"Napanee Express" Sept 29 1899

Historical Sites

Adolphustown and Fredericksburgh

A Word to Farmers' Sons

"Daily British Whig" Feb 7 1896

A Sketch of the Bay of Quinte

"Kingston Gazette" Feb 6 1818

Death Roll in 1898

"Napanee Beaver" Jan 13 1899

St. John's Church, Bath, Burned

"Napanee Beaver" Apr 10 1925

Early Education Influence in Life of

a Great Premier

"Napanee Beaver" June 5 1925

North Fredericksburgh Council

Appointments 1912

"Napanee Express" Mar 15 1912