Duffett Family Bible

Duffett, Eames, McCallum, Paxton, Watson


Galt Family Bible

Galt, Smith, Miller


Hawley Family Bible

Baker, Hawley, Huyck, Rendell

(Thanks to Grant Huyck)


Huyck Family Bible

Clapp, Huyck, Mullett, Robertson, Saylor, Smith

Baird, Davis, Dean, Huyck, Loyst, Martin, McGrath

(Thanks to Grant Huyck)

McCabe Family Bible

Baird, Cottee, Huffman, Knapp, Loyst, McCabe

(Thanks to Don McCabe)


Robinson Family Bible

Ackerman, Benjamin, Fretts, Glazeby, Gurren, McEwen, Munroe, Parks, Patterson, Pero, Ranson, Robinson, Sills, Slater, Treader, Welbourn, Young

(Thanks to Mertie Jean Ackerman)


Sharp Family Bible

Dafoe, Sharp


VanVlack Family Bible

Johnson, McMullen, VanVlack


Wright Family Bible

Allison, Ham, Kerr, Martin, Neilson, Reddick, Wright

(Thanks to John Wright)





Duffett Family Bible




George Percival

son of William Sealy & Caroline Amelia Duffett

was born 1st June 1873


Effie Dora

daughter of William Sealy & Caroline Amelia Duffett

was born 5 July 1875


Hugh Cecil

son of William Sealy & Caroline Amelia Duffett

was born 15 March 1877


John Watson

son of William Sealy & Mary Adelaide Duffett

was born 14 December 1886


William Harold Ernest Vernon

son of William Sealy & Mary Adelaide Duffett

was born 25 September 1888


Samuel Gerald Cecil

son of Roger Bean & Effie Dora Eames

was born 7 June 1906


Helen Gertrude

daughter of Roger Bean & Effie Dora Eames

was born 26 August 1907


Edwin William and Evelyn Adelaide

son and daughter of Roger Bean & Effie Dora Eames

were born 24 February 1910





William Sealy Duffett &

Caroline Amelia McCallum

were married 18 April 1872


William Sealy Duffett &

Mary Adelaide Watson

were married 21 February 1884


Roger Bean Eames &

Effie Dora Duffett

were married 20 October 1904


George Percival Duffett &

Maude Paxton

were married 1 June 1905


William Harold Ernest Vernon Duffett & Marguerite Emily Couch

Dec 11 1923




Hugh Cecil son of William Sealy & Caroline Amelia Duffett died 7 October 1877


Caroline Amelia McCallum wife of W.S. Duffett died 18 March 1882


George Percivale son of William Sealy & Caroline Amelia Duffett died at Moose Jaw 5 May 1910


William Sealy Duffett died at Adolphustown June 26th 1916


Mary Adelaide (Watson) Duffett died at Adolphustown Ont. in May 1922


William Harold Ernest Vernon Duffett husband of Marguerite Couch died at home (Napanee)

August 20th 1974 in his 86th year


Marguerite Emily Couch wife of WHEV Duffett died at Belleville on January 23 1997 in her 94th year.





Galt Family Bible




Robert John Galt was born Feb 17th, 1849


Almira Maria Smith was born Aug 21st, 1853


Florence Alberta Galt was born June 29th, 1877


Finlay Byron Galt was born Feb 5th, 1879


Robert John Galt was born Dec 19th, 1880


Arthur Everett Galt was born June 27th, 1888




Robert John Galt of S. Fredericksburgh &

Almira Maria Smith of S. Fredericksburgh

on November 24th, 1875 at Kingston by Rev. Thomas W. Smith minister, St. Andrews Church.

Witness: Anthony English and Ethel Smith.




Robert John Galt departed this life April 2nd, 1894.


Almira Maria Galt departed this life Oct 1st, 1934.


Florence Alberta Miller departed this life Oct 14th, 1935.


Finlay Byron Galt departed this life Dec. 10th, 1957


Robert John Galt departed this life April 21, 1959





Hawley Family Bible




Samuel E. Hawley born March 28th 1825


Jemimah J. Hawley born March 31st 1830


Charles G. Hawley born August 20th 1855


Phoebe A. Hawley born January 10th 1861


Samuel Franklin Hawley born March 27th 1880


Annie Lena Maud Hawley born Dec. 23rd 1882




Samuel E. Hawley married to

Jemimah J. Huyck

March 8th 1854


Charles Gibson Hawley married to

Hannah Abigal Baker

May 5th 1879


Phoebe Arvilla Hawley married to

Alfred E. Rendell

September 4th 1882





Huyck Family Bible 1




Burger Huyck born May 28th 1787


Phoebe Huyck born September 12th 1788


Mary Anne their daughter born January 1st 1809


Eustatia P. August 24th 1814


Augustus N. their son born July 5th 1816


Deborah their daughter born October 13th 1818


Barrent Lewis their son born October 25th 1820


Benjamin born August 31st 1822


John George born June 12th 1827


Jemima Jane their daughter born

March 31st 1830


Martha Elizaborn November 25th 1832




Burger Huyck and Phoebe Clapp

were married May 1th 1808


George Smith and Mary Anne Huyck

were married 20th February 1827


Samuel Saylor and Eustatia P. Huyck

were married 22nd August 1839


Benjamin Mullett and Deborah Huyck

married September 23rd A.D. 1856


Rueben Robertson and Martha Eliza Huyck

married Septr 19th 1865




Burger Huyck died July 17th 1861


Phoebe Huyck died January 20th 1849


Samuel Saylor died August 11th 1842


Charles Saylor died August 14th 1842


Lewis B. Huyck died September 24th 1861


Benjamin Huyck died June 17th 1869


Eustatia P. Saylor died November 2nd 1874


Martha E. Robertson died May 16th 1879


John George Huyck died Oct 8th 1885 at age [blank]


Huyck Family Bible 2




Peter G. L. HuyckMay 14th 1874


Laura Dean HuyckDec 18th 1879


Guy A. HuyckFeb 14 1906


Marjorie Elaine HuyckJuly 17th 1910


Bruce Martin HuyckJuly 13th 1912


Verna D. HuyckJan 28th 1919


Gwendolyn Lois HuyckAug 14th 1930

daughter of Guy & Ruth Huyck


Grant Edward HuyckDec 7th 1931

son of Guy and Ruth Huyck


Barbara Jean BairdMar 28th 1932

daughter of Marjorie & Clarence Baird


Donald Edward BairdJuly 28th 1935

son of Marjorie & Clarence Baird


John Peter Clarence Baird†† Dec 17 1938

son of Marjorie & Clarence Baird


Shirley Marie DavisFeb 7th 1939

daughter of Verna & Ralph Davis


Kenneth Dean Baird†† Aug 13th 1945

son of Marjorie & Clarence Baird


Beverly Dale Huyck Oct 4th 1948

son of Guy & Ruth Huyck




Peter G. L. Huyck & Laura Dean

Mar 29 1905


Guy A. Huyck & Ruth Addie Loyst

Dec 18 1929


Marjorie Elaine Huyck & Clarence Vrooman Baird

May 17 1930


Bruce Martin Huyck & Edith Hazel Mather Martin

Sept 19 1936


Verna Dean Huyck & Harold Ralph Davis

June 25 1938 (divorced)


Verna Dean Huyck & Pat McGrath

June 10 1947





McCabe Family Bible




Elias Huffman born August 26th 1768

Nancy Huffman born December 11th 1775

The above were married January 31 1791




Elizabeth Huffman June 7th 1792

Elijah Huffman November 18th 1793

Nancy Huffman August 16th 1795

Jacob Huffman September 12th 1797

Susannah Huffman November 26th 1799

Sarah Huffman December 6th 1801

Philip Huffman January 4th 1805

William Huffman April 18th 1807

John Huffman June 19th 1809

Isaiah Huffman August 29th 1813




Elias Huffman April 29th 1831

Nancy Huffman April 22nd 1841





Camden County Washington

State of New York


Michael McCabe married to

Mary Huffman 23 February 1779


Henry McCabe of

Fredericksburgh married to

Nancy Huffman of Richmond

11 October 1815

married at Richmond


Michael McCabe

born September 1745

died February 20 1831



Family Record


Camden County, Washington



Province Upper Canada,

County of Lennox


Elizabeth McCabe

daughter to Michael and Mary McCabe

born 21 Feb 1780


Rebecah McCabe

born 6 October 1781


Peter McCabe

born 26 Jan 1783


Mary McCabe

born 3 of May 1784


Siley McCabe

born 3 October 1786


Henry McCabe

born 9 July 1788






Jacob Huffman

born the 13 November 1756

and died 1 October 1827

aged 71


Lucy McCabe

daughter of Henry and Nancy McCabe

born the 14 November 1816


Caty McCabe

born the 14 June 1819


Allen McCabe

born the 26 April 1822


Nancy McCabe

born the 30 June 1824


Philip McCabe

born the 4 September 1826


William McCabe

born 1 April 1830


Margaret [Huldah?] McCabe

born 22nd June 1832


Hector O'Brien McCabe

born 23rd August 1837





Philip McCabe married to

Eliza Merier Baird

July the 1st 1860




Edda McCabe their son

born July the 18th 1861






Edda McCabe married to Elizabeth Ann Loyst

Oct the 7 1891






Charles Philip Roy McCabe, their son,

born March the 11th 1893

died April 2nd 1966


Lulu Maud McCabe

born August the 26th 1895

died January 8th 1981




Wilfrid Waldorf McCabe

born May the 26th 1900

died Oct 25 1984




[separate page]

Sarah E. Post

born October the 4 1851



Philip McCabe

died August the 18th 1898 aged 72 yrs


Eliza Merier McCabe

died May the 23rd 1923 aged 87 yrs & 2 months


Edda McCabe their son

died February 16th 1939 in his 78th year


Elizabeth Ann McCabe his wife

born February the 18th 1866

died Jan 17th 1945 in her 79th year


Wilfrid W. McCabe married

Beatrice Lorena Knapp

June 27th 1923


Donald Wilfrid Edda McCabe

their son born Mar 20th 1931


Donald Wilfrid Edda McCabe

married Dorothy Joan Cottee

December 30th 1954


Timothy Donald Wilfrid McCabe

their son born April 25th 1956


Kathryn Joanne McCabe

their daughter born Feb 5th 1958


Michael George Taylor McCabe

their son born June 14th 1960


Wilfrid Waldorf McCabe

died October 25th 1984


Beatrice Lorena McCabe

died Aug 30th 2000



at Fredericksburgh, May the 7th 1819

Elizabeth Huffman died aged 89 years


Mary McCabe died 16 May 1828 aged 73 years


Michael McCabe died February the 20th 1831 aged 85 years & 5 months




Nancy McCabe died December 5th 1868


Henry McCabe died August the 6 1872 Aged 84 years & 28 days


Caty McCabe died January 15 1873 aged 54 years & 7 months


Philip McCabe died August 18th 1898


Nancy McCabe died December 29 1905


Allen McCabe died December 27th 1894






Robinson Family Bible

Marmaduke Welbourn & Mary Ranson

was marriedon the 12th of December 1812.


John Glazby & Susanna Welborn

was married on the 12 of December 1839.


William Robinson & Susanna Glazby

was married on the 30th day of August 1845.


Holden M. Robinson & Elizabeth T. Fretts

married Tuesday 6th of March

in the year of our Lord 1883.


Alexander Sills & Laura M. Robinson

married Wednesday 29th of December 1911.


Holden M. Robinson & Mabel Gurren

married Wednesday Sept 9 1914.


Joseph ?. Young & Mary A. Robinson

was Married on the 4th of July 1874


George W. Robinson & Catherine Treader

was married on the 12 of November 1874.


Ceylon T. Robinson & Harriet McEwen

married Thursday April the 1

in the year of our Lord 1875.


Silas ? Benjamin & Susanna E. Robinson

was married Thursday 16th of November

in the year of our Lord 1876.


Maxwell M. Robinson & Mary Ann Slater

was married Thursday May 16th

in the year of our Lord 1878.


George Wilfred Ackerman & Ethel M. Robinson

married Wed. 29th August 1917.


Harold R. Ackerman & Mertie Jean M. Pero

married Sept. 15 1951



John Glazeby died Feb 4th 1920

aged 19 years 4 mos 14 days.


John Glazeby departed this life

on the 31 of March in the year 1840.


Mary Welborn the wife of Marmaduke Welborn

Departed this life on the 25 July in the year 1846.


Marmaduke Robinson

Departed this life on the 14 April in the year 1855.


Marmaduke Welborn

Departed this life on the 10 of July

in the year of our Lord 1863.


Joseph G. Young

aged 36 yrs., 8 mo 10 dys died June 8th 1882.


Mary Ann Young

Aged 30 yrs, 6 mos, 13 days Died Dec 27th 1882.


Our Mother, Susannah Robinson

died Thursday May 22 1884

Aged 70 yrs 7 mos 8 days.


Susanna E. Benjamin

died August 10th 1885

Aged 27 years 8 months 25 days.


Johnnie Glazebydied Dec 12 1891

age 22y3 months 11 days.


Our Father, William Robinson

died May 21 1894

aged 67 years 10 month and 5 days.


Ida Robinson died Apr the 4 1895 age 31.


G.W. Robinsondied May 25 1895

aged 46 years 9 months.


Elizabeth T. Robinson died Thursday Nov 6 1902

aged 38 and 8 mos.


Marmaduke Welborn

born July 26th in the year 1787.


Mary Ranson

born July 3th 1791.




Their Children:


Susanna Welborn

born October 14th 1813.


Jefse Welborn

born February 19th 1816.


Marmaduke Welborn

born October 12th 1818.


Mary Welborn

born November 13th 1821.


William & Imanuel Welborntwins

born October 21st 1824.


Ruth Welborn

born January 16th 1827


Ann Welborn

born April 3th 1829


John Glazeby born on the 21 of September

in the year 1840


Marmaduke Robinson born on the 27 of June

in the year 1846


William G. Robinson born August the 22nd

in the year 1848.


Ceylon T. Robinson born September 18th

in the year 1850


Mary Ann Robinson bornApril 14th

in the year of our Lord 1852


Maxwell M. Robinson born July forth

in the year 1855.Died June 2nd 1931.


Susanna Eleanor Robinson

born November 16th 1857.


Matthew Holden Robinson

born June 22th 1860.


Laurena Mabel Robinson

born ?? day July the 27 1883.


Ethel May Robinson

born Friday August 23, 1895.


Evelyn Laurena Ackerman

born Monday Dec 27 1919


Harold Robinson Ackerman

born Aug 21st 1925.


William G. Robinsonborn July 16th 1827.


Oliver J. Robinson

born Sunday March 19 AD 1876


Minnie Olive Robinson

born Thursday Feb 13th 1879


Fletcher G. Young born Saturday June 12th 1875.

died Sunday May 28th 1933.


Susannah Young

born December 11th 1876.


Elizabeth Victoria Sills

born Wednesday July 9th 1912.


Diane Gertrude Ackerman born April 12 1954

(daughter of Harold R. Ackerman)


Lois Jean Ackerman born August 16 1957

(daughter of Harold R. Ackerman)


Sharon Rose Ackerman born June 13 1961

(daughter of Harold R. Ackerman)


Mertie Jean May Pero born January 23 1933

(wife of Harold R. Ackerman)


Diane Gertrude Ackerman and John Thomas Patterson

married Saturday, September 30 1972.


Lois Jean Ackerman and David Joseph Munroe

married Saturday June 16 1979.


Sharon Rose Ackerman andDavid Scott Parks

married Saturday June 13, 1984.






Sharp Family Bible

Copied from Henry Sharp's old Bible

by John Wesley Hough (1848-1922)in the year 1884


Gilbert Sharp, father of Henry Sharp

d. Jan 26 1819being 76 years old.


Lany Sharp, wife of Gilbert

died Jan 1842 @ 93 years.


Henry Sharp, b. Jan 4 1783 d. Feb 8 1853.


Elizabeth Dafoe b. Mar 23 1786 d. Aug 31 1861.



Children of Elizabeth & Henry:


Catherineb. Oct 18 1810 d. Feb 3 1901.


Rachelb. Jan 8 1812 d. Aug 31 1895.


Maryb. Sept 10 1813d. Nov 20 1905.


Margaretb. July 7 1815d. July 11 1905.


Lucyb. Aug 181817d. March 1820.


Gilbert b. Apr 20 1819†† (*no death date given*).


Lucy b. Jan 26 1822d. Jan 3 1913.


Abram b. Nov 1 1823d. Sep 7 1903.


Anna Mariab. Jan 26 1825d. Feb 21 1917.


Cynthiab. Nov 24 1827d. Oct 24 1910





VanVlack Family Bible


Died at Waupoos on Monday July 15 1895, Mrs. Elias VanVlack

aged 81 years, 2 months and 26 days.

Funeral will take place from the residence of her son, Mr. Henry VanVlack

on Tuesday 16th inst. at 10:30 a.m.Service at the church.

Interment in St. Johnís Burying Ground.


John Johnson Sr.

Born July 20 1782 in Plymouth England

Died Aug 13 1862 in North Marysburgh, P.E. Co. Ont. Canada

aged 80 yrs and 23 days.


Christina McMullen

Born Nov. 1788 in Glengarry Scotland.

Died Oct 30 1865 in North Marysburgh, P.E. Co., Ont. Canada

aged 76 years.


John Johnson & Christina McMullen

Were married March 12 1807 in Cornwall, Ont., Canada


Margaret Johnsonborn March 6 1808


Mary Johnsonborn March 6 1810†† died Jan 5 1881


William Johnsonborn June 6 1812died Jan 2 1863


Sarah Johnsonborn April 18 1814died July 15 1895


David Johnsonborn February 1817died March 24 1842


John Johnsonborn August 17 1818


James Johnson born May 30 1820


Richard Johnsonborn July 12 1822


GeorgeJohnsonborn March 20 1824


Henry Johnson†† born March 4 1826


Daniel Johnson born Sept 20 1828


Archibald Johnsonborn March 11 1835died October 17 1853


William Johnson departed this life January 2 1863

at Consecon P.E Co. Dominion Of Canada


Christina Johnsondeparted this life October 30 AD 1865.


David Johnson††† died March 24 1842


Archibald Johnsondied October 17 1853.


Mary Johnsondied January 5 1881.


Written by George Johnson, West Lake Nov 23 1878 for

Mrs. Sarah VanVlack to be placed in her family bible.


Died in Picton on Saturday, October 29 1910,

Henry VanVlack aged 74 years.

Funeral will take place from his late residence Lake Street,

Tuesday November First.

Service at the house at 2 oíclock.

Interment Glenwood Cemetery.





Wright Family Bible


John Ham Sr.

born July 16 1754died July 1st 1832


Elizabeth Ham

born Sept 20th 1763died March 4th 1845



Children (of John Ham Sr. & Elizabeth Ham)


John Ham

born Sept 20th 1786died Sept 26th 1848


Henry Ham

born Apr 3rd 1789died May 1858 [may be 1853]


Peter Ham

born Nov 26th 1791died Jany 12th 1829


George Ham

born Sepr 19th 1793died Feb 7th 1848


Mary Ham

born Novír 6th 1795


Jacob Ham

born Aug 11th 1797died July [may be Feby] 2nd 1851


Philip Ham

born Mar 28th 1800died Sepr 3rd 1845


Benjamin Ham

born Apr 4th 1802died Nov 9th 1867


Richard Ham

born Sepr 13th 1804died Jan 27 1859


Elizabeth Ham

born Aug 7th 1808




Solomon Wright & Azubah Ham

were married September 27th 1837.


Robert Neilson & Elizabeth Wright

were married June 25 1866.


George A. Wright & Matilda Neilson

were married October 16th 1867.


Martha Esther Wright & Henry H. Allison

were married December 16th 1869.


Simon D. Wright & Sarah Reddick

were married January 1880

Sons: William, Roderick (d. Aug 16 1964), Lawrence.


John A. Wright & Alma Martin

were married September 28th 1880.


William H. Wright & Mary Helen Kerr

were married November 7th 1877.


Charles W. Wright & Isabella Kerr

were married December 30th 1884.


Edmund H. Wright & Helen E. Kerr

were married October 28th 1889.

Children of Solomon and Azubah Wright


Martha Estherborn Aug 10th 1838


Elizabeth Janeborn Oct 17th 1939


Cyntha Idaborn July 27th 1841


George Albertborn March 3 1843


Simon Delewborn Mar 16th 1845


John A[de]lbertborn Decemr 8th 1847


William Henryborn March 21st 1850


Charles Walterborn Sepr 12 1852


Edmund Hamborn July 19th 1860


Martha Esther died March 31 1913


Elizabeth Janedied Oct 3d 1892


Syntha Ida Wrightdied June 1st 1842


George Albertdied Jan 20 1935


Simon Delewdied July 10th 1886


Alma Martin Wrightdied (no date)


Mary Helen Wrightdied March 9th 1880


William Henrydied March 11th 1936


Charles Walterdied Aug 1 1939


Isabella Kerrdied December 3 1941


Edmund Hamdied April 20 1944


Helen Elizabeth Kerrdied Aug 26th 1917


Archibald Douglas Wrightdied July 4 1979


Fred Burton Wrightdied Jan 24 1981


Helen Kathleen A. Wright died Dec 2d 1919

20 yrs 8 mos



John Hamborn 20 Sep 1786


John Hamdied Sept 26th 1843


Esther Hamborn [August] 16 1793


Esther Hamdied May 21st 1861


Solomon Wrightborn April 6th 1808


Solomon Wrightdied April 9th 1890


Azubah Hamborn Mar 24th 1816


Azubah Wrightdied Dec 7th 1902


Helen Eliza Kerrborn June 4th 1865


Archibald Douglas Wrightborn Jan 1st 1891


Colin Harold Wrightborn July 24th 1893


Fred Burton Wrightborn Nov 26th 1895


Helen Kathleen Azubah Wrightborn April 2d 1899


Ruth Kerr Wrightborn Sept 22nd 1905