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The Neighbourhood Messenger is an electronic newsletter distributed exclusively to members of the Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society. We suggest that you encourage anyone you think might be interested in receiving a copy of The Neighbourhood Messenger to join our Society.  A lifetime membership costs $5, and in addition to ensured e-mail delivery of the newsletter, Society membership entitles those interested in our local heritage to be kept informed of, and participate in, all aspects of Society activities.  Anyone can become a member by sending a cheque for $5 made payable to the Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society, c/o Kathy Staples, 1105-828 Sutton Mills Court, Kingston, Ont., K7P 2S9.


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Information on this Website

Cemetery records have been copied from the actual visible stones. In cases where the stone is too damaged, or worn,  to decipher,  previously recorded lists have been used for confirmation.  In some cases, the stones have disappeared altogether, and this has been noted on the transcription entry.  The majority of early settlers used wooden markers on the gravesites, which have long since disappeared, and therefore it is highly unlikely that any cemetery records will be found for those who died in the early part of the 1800’s or before.  There are a large number of interments in all of these cemeteries that remain unknown or unnamed. 

Newspaper Clippings are included here for interest.  The “Watson Scrapbooks”,  were from the family of John Joseph Watson (1816-1891) who spent his life in the first concession of Adolphustown Township.  The books are filled with numerous birth, marriage and death announcements, as well as a number of articles regarding the Quinte area.  The clippings have been copied as they appear, spelling mistakes and all :)   The scrapbooks cover the years 1870 through 1920. The majority of clippings do not have a year mentioned, nor are they in any particular order in the original books. The dates have been included as they are available.  Available clippings are included as they become available.

Birth, Marriage & Death Records are taken from church records, newspaper notices and various family records.

Family Photos are being added as they become available.  If you have older family/area photos that you would like to pass on, please let us know.  We also appreciate scanned copies of any identified photos that you may have.

Voters’ Lists are taken from original copies.  Very few of the older lists remain.  If we are able to locate any others, we will include them here.

If you would like to contribute information we are always on the lookout for original data.  If you have any old newspaper clippings, voters lists, or other printed information that you think would be of interest, please let us know. We are also collecting old photos of buildings and families in the area (particularly before 1925).  For those of you in the local area, we will gladly make copies, and return the originals to you. If from a distance, scanned copies are always appreciated.

For specific family information we suggest that you check the records on the site before you contact us.  The search engine on the home page is a good starting point, and works best if you enter the surname only.  Remember that various spellings do occur.  For example, “Sills” may appear as “Sil”, “Sill”, or “Sils”. With the exception of any census records, all lists are in alphabetical order, so you may want to recheck the lists as you go through.  We do not have birth/marriage/death certificates available, nor do we have complete genealogies on each family.

Please use the messages/guestbook for general family information, and to contact others who may be researching the same family.  The guestbook is checked regularly, and if we have any further information that we think could be of help to you, we will pass it on.

For information on other areas of Lennox and Addington County you may also contact the Lennox and Addington County Museum in Napanee (check the Links Page).

Publications for Sale include books that the Heritage Society has produced.  The 2011 publication “Remembering the Christian Neighbourhood" is the latest of the books produced by the committee.  A large amount of genealogy can be found in most of the publications, as well as great descriptions of the area.

If you find any errors on the site please let us know.  Please remember that names have been copied and spelled as they appear on the originals, and we have decided to leave them as they are.  However, as careful as we try to be, there is the potential for mistakes, and we will double check anything that may be questionable.


The South Fredericksburgh Heritage Committee


Individuals interested in the history of the township met on a number of occasions commencing in the fall of 1987. No minutes were taken during these early meetings. A wide range of options was discussed. Persons such as Dorothy Duncan from the Ontario Historical Society and Jane Foster from Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives offered suggestions as to the objectives to be considered.

By the fall of 1989 the South Fredericksburgh Heritage Committee was an affiliate of the Ontario Historical Society and registered as a Not-for-Profit Organization.

Fund raising activities included an auction sale and many pie socials. The Committee was fortunate to have also received financial assistance from the municipality. Later, the sale of various publications provided funds for the on-going projects.

To-date, the Committee has published fourteen booklets/books as well as currently compiling photographic archives of township houses. Lists of marriages, births, baptisms and the names of those buried in the township cemeteries have been compiled. Abandoned burial sites have been enhanced, often with the direct physical effort of Committee members. Many photographs have been taken of the house sites in the township and are on file. Since its formation, the Committee has provided historical information at numerous community events.




The Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society



In 2009, the South Fredericksburgh Heritage Committee was expanded to include the townships of Adolphustown and North Fredericksburgh,

and the name was changed to the Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society.








NAME  The organization shall be called the Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society, hereinafter called the Society.

OBJECTIVES  The purpose of this Society shall be to bring together those people interested in the diverse historical heritage of the former Townships of Adolphustown, South Fredericksburgh and North Fredericksburgh, now part of the Town of Greater Napanee, to research, retain, preserve and present historical facts pertaining to this area.  More specifically, the aims and objectives shall be:

1. To undertake and promote the study and publication of historical research in the former Townships of Adolphustown and North/South Fredericksburgh.

2. To disseminate historical information, to arouse an interest in the past, and to encourage the preservation of historical, archaeological, and architectural heritage of the area by publishing or printing material; by marking buildings, sites or other features of the historical landscape; by holding public meetings, lectures and exhibitions; and by undertaking a variety of information sharing, publicity and public education programs.

3. To do all such proper things as are necessary, incidental or conducive to attaining the aims and objects of the Society.

4.  The Society shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or gains for its members, and any profits or gains to the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives.

MEMBERSHIP  Membership in this Society shall be open to any person interested in area heritage, and such person may be enrolled as a member upon receipt of a fee in accordance with the By-Laws of the Society.  Voting privileges will be confirmed, as requested, by a valid membership card.   Categories of membership have been established in the By-Laws.

OFFICERS  The officers shall be a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Book Director, a Communications Director, a Webmaster and three Directors at Large.  These officers, and others that may be appointed from time to time, shall constitute the Executive Committee.

BY-LAWS  By-laws shall be established and set forth as may be required but conditional By-Laws are not permitted nor shall any By-Law be established or amended unless in accordance with the constitution of this Society.  By-Laws may be introduced, revised, altered or amended only upon due notice being given to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting or such special meeting as may be called to deal with the matter.  A vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present shall be required to establish, revise or amend any By-Law.

AMENDMENT The Constitution of the Society may be revised, amended or altered only upon due notice given to the membership not less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting or such special meeting as may be called to consider the matter.  A vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present shall be required to pass any revision or amendment.  All proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing.

DISSOLUTION In the event that the Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society ceases to exist, such funds and historical documents, records and possessions of the Society as may remain after providing for all debts and obligations of the Society shall be distributed in the most advantageous manner possible.  The remaining cash on hand and other possessions shall be distributed at the discretion of a majority of the Members in attendance at a special meeting called for the purpose of the dissolution of the Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society.







1) Member. Membership is open to any person who pays the fee as determined from time to time by the Society.  A membership card shall be the receipt and proof for voting.

2) Honourary Member.   From time to time, the Society may decide to award honourary memberships to recognize special contribution to the Society by individuals.

(a) Both categories of membership shall:

  • receive notice of monthly, annual, and special meetings
  • be welcome to participate in any Society meeting or activity
  • have full voting privileges
  • be eligible to run for office
  • receive meeting minutes
  • receive periodic electronic news letters

(b) A member of the Society may resign at any time submitting a resignation in writing but no refund of fee shall be made.



President.  The president is the chief executive officer of the Society and shall preside at all meetings.  The president shall report annually on the activities of the Society at the Annual General Meeting and shall appoint members of committees and delegates not otherwise provided for in the By-Laws. The president is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Vice President.   The vice president shall assume the duties of the president in the event of absence, incapacity or resignation of the president.

Secretary.   The secretary shall be responsible for all the correspondence of the Society and shall keep and distribute the minutes of the meetings of the Society.  The secretary shall promulgate an agenda before every meeting.

Treasurer.  The treasurer shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the society funds and for maintaining adequate financial records.  The treasurer shall deposit all monies received with a reliable banking company.  Numbered cheques signed by the treasurer and one other authorized signature shall pay out all monies.  The treasurer shall obtain executive approval for all disbursements in excess of fifty dollars ($50.00) and shall render an annual report as soon as possible after the conclusion of the fiscal year.  The treasurer shall provide regular financial reports as required by the president.  The treasurer is responsible for the annual OHS report.

Webmaster. The webmaster is responsible for establishing and updating the Society website.  The webmaster shall be responsible for answering, or redirecting to other executive members, all queries regarding the Society and website.

Book Director.  The book director is responsible for the safe keeping, control and selling of the Society produced books and shall work closely with the webmaster for on-line sales.  This director shall coordinate book table selling events.  The book director shall submit a report annually and at other times as required by the president.

Communications Director.  The communications director is responsible for the membership programme and shall submit a report annually and at other times as required by the president.   The communications director is responsible for coordinating outreach events such as newspaper articles, guest speakers and all other publicity regarding the Society including organizing the Annual General Meeting.

Directors at Large.  The executive shall appoint directors at large as necessary to perform specific duties or to increase the numbers of the executive.

Executive Approval The president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, book director, communications director and the directors at large shall constitute the Executive.  In matters requiring executive approval at least five members of the executive, including the president, shall be consulted.  In the case of a tie vote, the president shall have the deciding vote.



The Executive Officers shall be elected annually.  Normally they shall be limited to three consecutive terms, but the limitation need not apply provided that two new directors are elected each year.  In all cases, directors shall become eligible for re-election after absence from office of one year.



General meetings of the Society, of which there shall be no fewer than two in any calendar year, shall be held on dates and in places to be determined by the executive. 

The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the month of November each year unless otherwise directed by the executive.

Meeting notices shall be circulated to all members at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the each special, general or annual meeting.

At any special, general or annual meeting, one quarter (1/4) of the members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

Special meetings shall be called upon the written request of the secretary by ten (10) members in good standing of the Society.  The meeting so requested must be held within thirty (30) days of the receipt of such request.  Special meetings may be called by the executive at any time.



Standing or special committees may be appointed by the President as directed by the Society





Executive Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society 2015-2016


President:  Angela Cronk   Contact


Vice President:  John Gordon  Contact


Secretary:  Kathy Staples   Contact


Treasurer:  Stan MacMillan   Contact


Webmaster:  Susan Wright  Contact


Book Directors: Joan Reynolds   Contact

                                     Elizabeth Vandenberg   Contact


Communications Director:  Jane Lovell   Contact



Pat Galt, Grant Huyck, Judy Smith, Lyle Smith




As a last note... all information provided on the site is done so on a volunteer basis .

Donations to the Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society are welcome. 

A tax receipt will be sent for donations of $25 or more. 

Should you wish to make a financial contribution, it may be sent to :


Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society

c/o Stan MacMillan, Treasurer

8225 Loyalist Parkway

R. R. # 1

Bath, Ontario,

Canada, K0H 1G0