Cemetery Transcriptions by Township


List of Cemetery Transcriptions


Adolphustown Township

(9 cemeteries - full listing)


North Fredericksburgh Township

(9 cemeteries - full listing)


South Fredericksburgh Township

(12 cemeteries - full listing)


North Marysburgh Township

(Prince Edward County - 2 cemeteries - partial listing only)



"Newly Discovered" Stones


John E. Sills (child) d. 1857 - Carscallen Cemetery

William J. Baker (child) d. 1857 - Carscallen Cemetery

Sarah McDowall d. 1938 - McDowall Memorial Cemetery


Found in 2013

William Brown d. 1870 - McCabe Cemetery

Mary Brown(w/o above) d. 1870 - McCabe Cemetery

Roseann Airhart d. 1873 - McCabe Cemetery



Individual Cemetery Pages

(including photos of individual gravestones)


Adolphustown United Church Cemetery, Adolphustown


Big Creek Cemetery, North Fredericksburgh


Carscallen Cemetery, North Fredericksburgh


Diamond Family Burial Ground, South Fredericksburgh


Gosport Cemetery, Adolphustown


Hay Bay Quaker Cemetery, Adolphustown


McDowall Memorial Cemetery, South Fredericksburgh


Old Hay Bay Church Cemetery, Adolphustown


Sillsville Cemetery, South Fredericksburgh


UEL Memorial Cemetery, Adolphustown


Vandewater Cemetery, South Fredericksburgh



Cemeteries in Greater Napanee


List & Location of Cemeteries in Greater Napanee

List of cemeteries in Adolphustown, Fredericksburgh, Richmond & Napanee



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Cemetery Transcriptions

Adolphustown Township

Lennox & Addington County


Adolphustown United Church Cemetery

Allison Mausoleum & Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Hay Bay Quaker Cemetery

Old Hay Bay Church Cemetery

St. Albanís Anglican Church Cemetery

Trumpour Cemetery

UEL Memorial Cemetery

Watson Cemetery


North Fredericksburgh Township

Lennox & Addington County


Big Creek (Closeís Mills) Cemetery

Bethany Cemetery

Carscallen Cemetery

Ebeneezer(Lutheran) Cemetery

McCabe (Sandhill) Cemetery

Parks (Bygott) Cemetery

Shorey Burial Plot

St. Patrickís Catholic Cemetery

Woodcock Cemetery


South Fredericksburgh Township

Lennox & Addington County


Alkenbrack Cemetery

Diamond Burial Plot

Garrison Cemetery

Loyst Cemetery

McDowall Memorial Cemetery

Rikely Cemetery

Rombough Cemetery

St. Paulís Anglican Church Cemetery

Sicker Hill Cemetery

Sillsville Cemetery

Spencer Plot

Vandewater Cemetery


North Marysburgh Township

Prince Edward County

Rose Cemetery, Waupoos

St. Johnís Cemetery, Waupoos