- A -


Cyrus Allison

David Wright Allison

Dr. Edward W. Armstrong

Bowen E. Aylsworth

Aylsworth Re-Union


- B -


Benson Family

Mrs. Bogart

Charles Brooks


- C -


William Canniff

Dr. Jacob B. Chamberlain

Wm. Charters

Gilbert S. Clapp

Joseph Clapp

Mr. Justice Clute


- D -


Mr. William Davison

Marshall C. Davy

Col. G.H. Detlor

Dr. Peter V. Dorland

Joseph Frederick William Dougall


- E -


Valentine Embury


- H -


J.W. Hall

The Ham Family

Sheriff G.D. Hawley

Reuben Hawley

Jacob Hiller and His Wife

Henry Hover

Richard Huff

The Huffnail Family


- J - K - L -


William Joyce

Denis Lake Esq.

Major Arthur B. Loyst


- M -


Donald C. McHenry

W.H. Mellow

J.C. Morden


- P -


The Parks Family

Archdeacon Patton D.D.

Peter Perry

M.W. Pruyn


- R -


John P. Roblin, Esq.

Allen Ruttan, M.D.

Hon. Henry Ruttan


- S -


Sarah Schermerhorn

Scobell Family

John O. Sexsmith


- V -


Valleau Family


- W -


G.T.C. Ward, M.D., Mayor

J.J. Watson and the Duffett Family

The Way Family

Dr. Hiram Weeks

The Welbanks of Milford

The Wood Twins